I should probably restructure this thing and move it to the place I’ve had for half a year now… bear with me.

P.S. Mio is awesome.


Dear Shin

Dear Shin, you pedo.

I have a confession to make. The way you want to be queefed by lolis, the way you want your face to be stamped into the ground, the way you choose the worst girl of the three in Love Plus, your passion for that disgusting alien abortion bitch, your diehard vhost…

I love hate them all. Die in a fire, you pedo.

(I will never forgive you for this)


How the hell do I still get daily views?

Anyway, I haven’t really been keeping up on Summer anime, and I don’t think I’ll be keeping up on much next season (Natsu no Arashi, Trapeze, Kobato and Nogizaka aside), but I have been watching some of my backlog!

I’ve finally gotten around to watching Lucky Star, I’ve started Toshokan Sensou, VOTOMS, Starship Operators and Battle Programmer Shirase. Whether I can finish any of these before I go to university is a completely different matter though.

I guess I might make a content-filled blogpost soon. Maybe.

Summer 2009 – Week One

Okay, it’s pretty much past the first week now, and I’ll just take a little time (literally about 4 minutes) to review what I’m watching.

Aoi Hana
Wow this show is pretty. Characters seem fine, looking forward to how the lesbian romance turns out and how serious it’ll be.

Wow this show is pretty much the best piece of artistry in anime I’ve seen this year, at least. Good going SHAFT. Subbing this is actually fun.

The first episode had a nice bit of action but nothing much really happened. Hoping the second episode will actually have a genuine plot in it.

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!
Oh god why am I doing this to myself.

Princess Lover
Me? Liking a harem? What is happening?

Taishou Yakyuu Musume
A little gem and a guilty secret that I’ll probably end up loving this show by the end of the season.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
ANGST BAWW ANGST WHY DOES THE WORLD HATE ME. Seriously, cut the Evangelion shit, it’s annoying as hell. Also CG people are hilarious bad, BONES. Will mosy certainly get better.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Oh man, Battler, why do you look like a 5 year old with those eyes? Also I’m not too happy about cutting/removing some tracks from the game, but then again I wasn’t expecting too much.

To watch:

Spice and Wolf II

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Summer 2009 Preview 2

Less a Preview now, I know.
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Summer 2009 Preview 1

I’m halfway through my exams, and slowly watching anime here and there, catching up in more ways than one.

I guess the point of this post is a) to show I’m still alive b) apologise for not delivering some better blog post earlier (I’ve had plans for making one about the awesomeness of 0080) and c) look at what’s coming up next season.

I don’t know why people are saying next season is going to suck. There’s a dozen or so shows I’m interested in, and probably something similar for most people. The following is a list of shows and why you should check it out, or why they might be good, or why I don’t want to watch them.

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Spring 2009 Continued

This season is turning out to be pretty good for the shows I’m watching regularly. Ignoring that K-ON makes my penis fall off every 2 minutes because it’s a fucking stupid moebomb of fucking “cute”ness, and Guin not being subbed by anyone decent, most other shows are getting along nicely.
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