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Sporting Teams

This isn’t relevant to anime at all but I’m a bit of a faggot sports fan and I’ve decided to choose teams for various sporting events this year!

Football: As my home team sucks absolute balls I’m going to be supporting QPR from September onwards.
Handegg: Atlanta Falcons
Rugby: Honestly I have no clue yet, probably Sale for next season but who knows
Baseball: Arizona Diamondbacks on the sole purpose that that is a sexy logo
Cricket: Yorkshire I suppose.

Is there any other team sports? I have no idea at the moment. Is anime a sport? If so I’m rooting for SHAFT.

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PewPew Scans

PewPew Scans – K-ON!, possibly Valkyria

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Akiko Shikata - Harmonia
God this album is fucking amazing.



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Fresh start

I’ve cleared out the blog because I didn’t really update it and some of the posts were fucking stupid.

Next season I’m looking forward to K-ON! (because of the story, not KyoAni), Valkyria (which is looking like a disappointment), Natsu no Arashi, Ristorante Paradiso, Eden of the East and probably some lesser things too. I’m pleased nothing looks too great at the moment, because it’s less chance of things proving to be great failures, as happened a lot through 2008.

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