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Dear Shin

Dear Shin, you pedo.

I have a confession to make. The way you want to be queefed by lolis, the way you want your face to be stamped into the ground, the way you choose the worst girl of the three in Love Plus, your passion for that disgusting alien abortion bitch, your diehard vhost…

I love hate them all. Die in a fire, you pedo.

(I will never forgive you for this)


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How the hell do I still get daily views?

Anyway, I haven’t really been keeping up on Summer anime, and I don’t think I’ll be keeping up on much next season (Natsu no Arashi, Trapeze, Kobato and Nogizaka aside), but I have been watching some of my backlog!

I’ve finally gotten around to watching Lucky Star, I’ve started Toshokan Sensou, VOTOMS, Starship Operators and Battle Programmer Shirase. Whether I can finish any of these before I go to university is a completely different matter though.

I guess I might make a content-filled blogpost soon. Maybe.

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