Jesus’ chrism (thank you spell check, this word is perfect) I want to watch this so bad right now.

In other news, Natsu no Arashi is turning out to be a lot more enjoyable than I expected it would be. I started watching 07 Ghost and it’s pretty fucking awesomely gay and hot. It even has hot nuns in case you aren’t gay. Ristorante Paradiso keeps getting better and better, as does Higepiyo. Cross Game is great too, and I need to get playing some more Umineko later.

I wish I had a maid like this


I haven’t watched anything from the list I posted in the last episode, but I’ve kept up with most things I’ve begun watching (which is a rare change). Instead, I’ve decided I’ll belatedly make a awards-style review of shows I watched from Spring 08-Winter 08/09. (Read: I’m awesome and lazy at the same time)

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Spring Anime #4

This season seems to be making up for a lot of the shit last year gave. Almost everything I’ve watched has been good and I’ve wanted more.

Cross Game was very, very nice. The characters are great, the voice acting is great, the soundtrack is great, the animation is great. It was a truly great first episode, and I can’t wait for more.

Guin Saga was surprisingly good. I looked at this show a few months ago and thought “that’s a silly premise, it’ll never work”, but lo and behold it turned out quite nice. I was confused whether the brother of the two was actually a guy, and I still think he’s a faggot, but other than that everything else was good. The fight was pretty awesome, but has nothing on the next show.

Sengoku Basara was an interesting game (though I prefered Sengoku Musou because I am/was a KOEI fag), but the first thing I thought when I heard it was going to be an anime was “Oh dear, this is going to fail spectacularly”. Way to prove me wrong, you bastards. It has epic fights, epic soundtrack, a great OP, some pretty slick voice acting and a subtle mix of comedy thrown in there (riding horses up walls, motorbike horses, the like) to make it one of the best shows the season, certainly in the top 5.

I think I should only have one of these to go, with Mazinger Z, Pandora, Phantom, Hanasakeru, possibly Hatsukoi, possibly 07 Ghost and HOPEFULLY Polyphonica.


This is possibly one of the best anime you’ll ever see this year. I took screens from episode 2 because it has more characters and the softsubbed version was downloaded by the time I started this post.


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Umineko / Spring Anime 03

I’ve been playing Umineko the past few days. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

It’s pretty awesome, ignoring the artwork (which you quickly get used to) and the flaws in editing of the translation. But still, I just finished the first episode today and pretty much everything is great. I can’t really say much without spoiling, but you should go grab it.

As for anime, I watched Shangurira, which I’m going to dub Carbon Economics, yesterday. It didn’t seem that bad, it only had a few traces of GONZO about really. Interested to see how future episodes are though.