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Spring 2009 Continued

This season is turning out to be pretty good for the shows I’m watching regularly. Ignoring that K-ON makes my penis fall off every 2 minutes because it’s a fucking stupid moebomb of fucking “cute”ness, and Guin not being subbed by anyone decent, most other shows are getting along nicely.

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I’ve been playing Umineko the past few days. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

It’s pretty awesome, ignoring the artwork (which you quickly get used to) and the flaws in editing of the translation. But still, I just finished the first episode today and pretty much everything is great. I can’t really say much without spoiling, but you should go grab it.

As for anime, I watched Shangurira, which I’m going to dub Carbon Economics, yesterday. It didn’t seem that bad, it only had a few traces of GONZO about really. Interested to see how future episodes are though.

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